The Fretless "Live from the Artfarm" wins Canadian Folk Music Award for Instrumental Group of the Year!

I am super proud to have been a part of this project (okay, it was my idea). Using just 3 microphones and a tape machine, live with 40 or so of our neighbors in attendance, the album documents a special moment for all of us in attendance. Beautiful day, people and music. The award is certainly well-deserved recognition for this amazing quartet. This is their 4th release and they are running out of room for awards on their walls. Every album to date has won them awards.

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2017 Juno “Instrumental Album of the Year” for Birds Nest

2014 CFMA Ensemble of the Year, WCMA Instrumental Album of the Year for The Fretless

2012 CFMA Ensemble of the Year, CFMA Instrumental Group otY, WCMA Instrumental Album otY for Waterbound

Love the artwork - I didn't have anything to do with it  ;)

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Bryce Goggin brings David Roush and friends to the Artfarm

We recently had the most musicians in the room yet. I believe there were 16 players plus a few of us engineers working the session. The music was a joyous explosion of hope with some darker existential themes woven in. Amazing musicians all. Bryce, who has worked with Apples in Stereo, Phish, Sean Lennon, The Ramones..., walked in the room, heard one crack of the snare and said, "Great room". Can't ask for a better review!


David Roush Composer
Lee Meadvin Guitar
Tristan KastenKrause Bass
Sara Lin Yoder Soprano
Chelsea Feltman Soprano
Brendon Randall-Myers Guitar
Henry Vaughn Drums
Kirt Wiley Percussion
Felix Jarrar Piano
Jackie Traish Flute/Soprano
Megan Atchley Violin
Uran Kamfer Saxaphone
Marilu Donovan Harp Cello
Jonathan Greene Clarinet

Flynn Cohen and Duncan Wickel performance at the Artfarm



Great night listening and watching to certifiable string geeks tearing it up. Full of surprises, Flynn played shruti box on a few micro tonal fiddle tunes ( he had to write them himself as there aren't many) as well as accompaniment on a a vocal tune. Duncan sang a song from his home in the Carolinas accompanied only by his fiddle playing (fiddle being held on by a Wickel Buckle  Some mandolin and bouzouki playing added to the surprises. Of course the lab wants to be in the center of attention...

Yves Lambert Trio at the Artfarm

Yves, Olivier and Nicolaus spent a few days in September at the farm experimenting with ideas for the next album. Yves has always been my favorite performer, it was an honor to host them.  Their last night here they played a show for some Artfarm friends.

Videos by Daniel Weintraub (

Classical music at the Artfarm

It was a great honor to have Katya Grineva and Byron Duckwall in our space. It was a special honor to have Katya play our 1910 Steinway that recently had its action redone by Steve Greenstein from Vintage Piano Works. Here are some videos of the performance.

Videos by Daniel Weintraub (

A PREVIEW TO CARNEGIE HALL, August 26th performance 4pm

ARTFARM PRESENTSKatya Grineva and Byron Duckwall “Soiree… Romantic Favorites”
SUNDAY, AUGUST 26 $20 advance  |  $25 door Doors 3pm  |  4pm performance BYOB  |  complimentary snacks Seating is limited — kindly RSVP


PROGRAM Rachmaninoff - Vocalise (cello, piano) Tchaikovsky - Autumn Song (solo piano) Chopin - Nocturne No. 1 BB Minor (solo piano) Chopin - Nocturne No. 12 G Major (solo piano) Chopin - Nocturne No. 13 C Minor (solo piano) Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade (solo piano) Saint-Saëns - The Swan (Le Cygne) (cello, piano) Brahms - Sonata No. 1 in E Minor Opus 38 (cello, piano)
ABOUT BYRON DUCKWALL AND KATYA GRINEVA Byron Duckwall cello and Katya Grineva pianist are both internationally acclaimed performing and recording artists. Byron’s a former principal cellist and worked for Metropolitan Opera association and is well known as one of the top string teachers in the USA. His book on Demetrius Dounis has been acclaimed as one of the best string books ever written. Katya has performed for presidents and has performed more times as a single female pianist in Carnegie Hall than any other woman in the history of Carnegie Hall. This year they are performing on Sept 26th in Carnegie Hall playing “Romantic Favorites” including works by Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and others.

Great things start small

Tracking demos for a new album by Max Kane. Excited about working with him and his brother Conor. Both siblings are multi-instrumentalists and play just about everything. I would describe the record, but we don't know yet. The songs are great and both brothers have great voices so it will be a path of discovery. General direction, Chili Peppers meet Dave Matthews. 20180121_1305041.jpg

The Fretless at the Artfarm

The Fretless were here this summer working on the follow up to their Juno-winning 3rd album, "Bird's Nest". This next release will be a collection of mostly traditional Irish tunes recorded with 3 mics to tape. The sound is amazing. While they were here they invited our neighbors over for a Friday night concert. Those lucky enough to be here not only heard the new material, they set list also included some classic Fretless tunes and a bunch of improvisation towards the end of the evening.

The Fretless