It’s a song, player, instrument, room -thing.

Sean Boyd (proprietor) is a lifetime performer and artisan musician/song-writer. Starting to play and sing when he was five, he has picked up many instruments along the way. A seasoned guitarist and banjo-picker, he also plays organ, bass, and percussion.

Throughout his career as a performing and recording artist, Sean worked with very talented producers (David Swanson, Rick Rowe, Bryce Goggin, Steve Burgh…) and meticulously detail oriented engineers (Baby Monster, Powerplay, Chung King, Clinton...) -amassing great technical and practical experience in the art of performance and the art of making a record.

As a producer, Sean gives an insight into performance and composition which enables him to guide musicians to achieving 110% of what they are capable of.

“The style of music is irrelevant”, says Sean, “If somebody cares enough to write a piece of music then it is my job to make certain we reveal the emotion of the piece through the recording process”.

Artfarm is also a hub for a diverse musical tribe of instrumentalists, vocalists, and arrangers -all dedicated to their craft, and all just a phone call away.